Panner Alumni reunion on Sunday 2/26 in San Diego

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Hey guys,

Donnie Reynolds and I took in the Oregon vs UC Irvine baseball game at USD this afternoon. We firmed up a time that works for Donnie’s schedule and hope it works for your calendar.

We will meet for cocktails and dinner at Bully’s East in Mission Valley area of San Diego. Bully’s East is located at:

2401 Camino del Rio S, San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: (619) 291-2665

 If any of you out of towners are in town, come on by. If you have other Panners or “honorary” Panners (like Earl), tell them to come too!

 Kemper, Tommy Sain is coming per our conversation this afternoon…..first time we have spoken since 1975…….Make it down Steve! We are getting old. Umby?

 See you Sunday at 5pm at Bully’s

 Maybe some young blood will show like Jameson H and Allan D, etc. Scott R is in San Jose. Tommy R in Twin Falls. We need young blood to continue our grand tradition. Matta, Dowdy?


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